5 Steps To Keep Your Lungs In Good Health

Healthy body needs health lung , Make sure that your lungs are working to the fullest and enjoy effective protection from diseases , just following these five points to keep your Lungs in healthy mode.

5 Steps To Keep Your Lungs In Good Health
5 Steps To Jerseys Keep Your Lungs In Good Health

1. Use correct Ins and Outs method:
Whatever your sport type, breathing correctly will help you to improving your body and origins to make a high quality of performance for a longer time.

2- Running :

During exercise on running machine, your diaphragm takes 80% of the effort.

Research found that the strengthening of the diaphragm is active breathing process to the fullest extent, which improves the bearing capacity of the body.

The experts suggest breathing exercise to coincide with the steps: Start with ” In” to coincide with the two steps, then exhale to coincide with the additional two steps.

You can gradually increase the unit exercise by doing three steps and then four steps to coincide with all the breathing process.
3- Swimming:

You can start the proper breathing exercise in the water, knowing that the decline in the process of breathing will help you cross the pool, from beginning to end, the fastest time.

Studies have shown improved access of oxygen to the muscles process with swimmers who underestimate the repeated process of breathing. Enhanced the ability of the lungs Belgesi(EKB) by increasing the number of movements during exercise per breath, to be able to eventually do eight movements at once.

4- Riding a bike:

There is a fundamental reason to explain why the shine famous American rider bikes Lance Armstrong: Enjoy lungs of the latter’s ability breadth 8 liters oxygen, an increase of two liters for the overall rate. It is true that it partly related to genetic factors, but you can train to increase the effectiveness of your exercise. Weight lifting technique was adopted wholesale mlb jerseys to coincide with the long and slow exhalation resistance when Фаленопсис doing exercises. As the bike ride requires a long-term effort, similar to the rapid Way and deep inspiration before exhaling process the case quickly muscles and lungs when climbing high mountains.

5-Your Lungs Food:

Make sure to feed your Lungs through eating the best foods to promote lung function.

5 Steps To Keep Your Lungs In Good Health
5 Steps To Keep Your Lungs In Good Health

Focused on the spinach consumption to enjoy the energy and activity, be sure to eat spinach every day.

The researchers found that the decline in wholesale jerseys the consumption of mineral magnesium element, located in a large amount of spinach, affect the work of the lungs, making individuals more susceptible to respiratory diseases.
Eating raw vegetables: Do not ignore cheap jerseys the tremendous level of anti-oxidants found in some types of vegetables Cabbage, Broccoli.

If you want to promote inspiration during exercise. We recommend that you eat a raw, these types to enhance their effect in protecting the lungs.

Chinese researchers have discovered a high risk of cancer in people who are exposed to the vapor rising from the frying oil.


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