6 Tips Pregnancy Acidity Home Remedies

Welcome to EveHow, Today we’ll get 6 tips for pregnancy acidity home remedies, It is common among women during pregnancy feeling with very disturbingĀ  acidity in the stomach, This acidity come back for many reasons, most notably the hormonal changesat this stage and that occur a lot of changes in women’sĀ  body, in addition to the changing in uterus size, which in turn put pressure on the stomach and produce this acidity.

pregnancy acidity home remedies
pregnancy acidity home remedies

However, to get rid of this problem is not impossible by following these tips:
1- It is very important not to eat large meals, creamy,fat or divided into multiple small meals can be addressed in many times a day, in order to avoid the full stomach and thus excretion of acidity.

Low Carb Diet foods
2- Stay away from fried foods, saturated fat or many spices, as well as avoid citrus fruits and foods warm, vinegar and tomato sauce.

3- Avoid drinks that cause acidity, such as coffee, soft drinks, as you avoid drinking water while eating.

4- Gum chewing after a meal that makes you feel comfortable because they stimulate the secretion of saliva, which helps turn on the mild acid secretion in the stomach.

5- Make sure not to sleep immediately after eating, but wait for at least two hours, And keep your head higher than your feet.

6- Avoid wearing tight clothing during pregnancy, they put pressure on the stomach and cause excessive secretion of acidity.

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