7 Days Diet Plan Review

7 Days Diet Plan Review, Seven days diet is considered the fastest and most effective for a lot of women who want to lose weight. But this diet is very difficult and may not tolerated by most people.

7 Days Diet Plan Review

Besides diet is seven days stimulus for the body as a result of it depends on the pumpkin. Where pumpkin works as an antioxidant and helps to lose a lot of weight in the shortest time.

The effectiveness of the diet seven days have proved especially with a cup of green tea a day in the morning meal and integrated health breakfast.

7 Days Diet Plan Review:

First day:
Food: pumpkin pie, steamed fish and fruit season.

Dinner: carrot salad, grilled chicken, and milk.

Second day:
Food: salad of tomatoes, grilled shrimp with Alcrap circles, and milk.

Dinner: pineapple salad, tuna, vegetables, pie, and tea.

Third day:
Food: apple, a piece of turkey, beans, and milk.

Dinner: chicken soup with rice, and milk.

Fourth day:
Food: vegetable soup, mackerel fish, cheese with toast, and honey.

Dinner: salad of fresh cabbage, potato Slender, boiled eggs, and fruit.

Fifth day:
Food: apple salad, fish, strawberries, grapefruit juice fresh.

Dinner: Grilled potatoes with onion and pepper, egg pie, and kiwi.

Day Six: Food: Pumpkin soup with cream, minced meat, lemon juice.

Dinner: corn salad, cheese, sour milk, pumpkin bread with milk and honey

Seventh day:
Food: Carrot salad, rice, tuna or white meat.

Dinner: fresh carrot juice, grilled fish with potatoes and yogurt salad.

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