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7 Ways To Clean Skin Naturally

7 Ways To Clean Skin Naturally

Amazing Home Made Face Masks-Milk

Clean the skin using milk:

For as long famous for the beauty of the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, and interest in all regards to the skin, it has been known to use waster for milk for their preservation of the beauty and splendor of her skin! Is it already exists for milk all these aesthetic values? This is true, as the lactic acid it contains milk works to clean the skin and remove dead cells, either protein and fat it contains milk hath role in moisturizing the skin.

– Nationalist using milk lukewarm.
– Wash your face and do massage with fingertips.
-You can use of cotton and wipe the face with milk.
-Wash your face with worm water.
-For  dry skin areas you can add the an to the mixture and making massage on the skin.
– In the event of possession of sensitive skin nationalist add extract cactus (aloe vera), and make massage on the skin.
2. Cleaning the skin with rose water :

For as long famous for rosewater different aesthetic uses, it is used to clean and disinfect the skin, and moisturizing and rehabilitation. Also it renowned for his use in the treatment of acne and facial blisters.
Dip a piece of cotton  in a little rose water, and wipe your face out to get rid of the remnants of the effects of make-up and dirt , it will act as a disinfectant and sterilizer for the skin in addition to as well as moisturizing.

For those who suffer from acne and pimples are mixing frying of lemon juice with rose water and use it.
3. Clean the skin using Alaolavera:

Famous for its Aloe Vera and extracts gels being contain anti-bacterial, fungi and various microbial compounds, and it has many aesthetic uses, as it can be used to clean the skin sensitive and private, to remove traces of make-up for the face and eyes, and can be used in the treatment of pimples and acne.

Amazing Home Made Face Masks

4. Clean the skin using honey:

For as long as the famous honey large body of its benefits, most notably considered as an antibiotic strong and effective in the face of parasites and microbes, and here comes the big honey role in cleaning the skin and sterilized, as Aalasl disinfectant and cleaner for the skin. You can use honey to the unity and applied to the skin works directly or mixed with oats, for example, or aloe vera extract, and knead your skin fingertips and then rinse with water.

yogurt diet

5. Clean the skin using yogurt:

Mix cucumber juice or pureed mixture option blender with yogurt and a little water, you’ll get a great recipe to help you clean the skin and moisturizing, and remove stains and pigmentation and lighten skin color and treatment of dark circles around the eye.

6. Clean the skin using Oats:

Here we have known for the use of oats, in particular powder or oatmeal for sensitive skin, as oats cleaner and gentle exfoliator for the skin works.
– Use oatmeal. Pour water or olive oil or almond oil or sesame oil.
– Use the resulting paste and applied to the face.
– Massage gently with fingertips and can be added Alaolivera recap for those who suffer from skin sensitivity.
– And then wash your face with water immediately and get on a smooth texture and clean skin.
7. Clean skin using sugar and olive oil:

National experimenting with the following mixture is not on the facial skin only, but on all parts of the body, Monitor your score! Configurable paste of sugar, olive oil or coconut oil and lemon juice and the national body by rubbing, and then rinse with water. And that were not skin your face type of sensor you can Dlkha it gently, avoiding eye area, this traditional sauce known Huskers naturally, is already proving its findings on different skin cells, and helps in the treatment of acne.

7 Ways To Clean Skin Naturally
7 Ways To Clean Skin Naturally

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