Anorexic Diet Review

Anorexic diet review, Loss of appetite, anorexia is an eating disorder associated with psychological inability to deal with the social pressures,The world today has a lot of prejudices, especially with people who are overweight, These people who can not deal with these social biases tend to feelings of inferiority and blame themselves strongly, and these cases can lead to eating disorders. Anorexics.

Anorexic Diet Review
Anorexic Diet Review

People suffering from anorexia go so far as to possibly follow a harsh diet or even from eating Interestingness, This diet caused the death of many celebrities and musicians such as Karen Carpenter and Anne Sexton, This happens because the celebrities have to deal with public scrutiny on a very large scale.
However, people who are not celebrities are not immune to similar pressures, anorexia is beyond the basic meaning of “anorexic,” Despite its name look like a disease, But weight associated with a limited loss of appetite loss plan.

his diet is used mostly by people who are overweight with no power to stop eating, but in the same time they want to reduce weight.

Anorexic diet plan:

It does not involve follow the loss of appetite, vomiting, diet, and are often associated with an eating disorder known as bulimia.
It recommends high-fiber foods and foods that contain small amounts of calories, Highly touted fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. They could eat protein in the lean white meat or fish, which contain a high percentage of protein but low in fat and calories.

The number of meals 5 to 6 times a day, when you feel hungry after meals Home of the day, the diet recommends eating ice, Ice reduces the feeling of wanting to eat that does not contain any calories or fat
Chewing gum, especially sugar-free gum, can improve metabolism and reduces food cravings. And it encourages regular exercise.

Side effects:

There are side effects are uncomfortable to the diet anorexic, such as headaches, dizziness and nausea, there is no guarantee of weight loss over the long term.

This kind of diet can be taken as a crime by people who are affected by it,  Because targeted toward people who are overweight actually, it is highly recommended that he or she should consult a doctor or dietitian to ensure that the diet suited to her physical condition.

Regardless of the cons of this diet, it encorege followers to eat healthy foods and participate in regular physical exercise and activity.
However people continue to lose weight by eating a balanced foods, and the best way to do this is not to starve themselves, but to follow a healthy life, choose a balanced food plan and regular physical exercise.

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