Arthritis Diet & Foods

Today we’ll review the arthritis diet, Arthritis and rheumatism is defined as the swelling and inflammation in the joints, which causes chronic pain in the joints, and considered this case of inflammation is one of the cases of immune system diseases, where the body to attack the joints lacerated wound as a first line-inflammatory defense, and to explain it better, can compare these infections to those that occur when exposed skin wounds, where it appears the redness and swelling as a reaction of the body.

Arthritis Diet

The worth mentioning that there are some foods that can increase this inflammation and thus increase the swelling and the resulting pain, and on the other hand there Some foods that limit these infections, and the most prominent in the following foods that help get rid of infections.

Arthritis diet :

The diet that works to reduce inflammation in the body, is the method of selection of prepared foods and a way to become more healthy, and can also take advantage of this diet with other things such as the reduction of heart disease and lose weight.
The carbohydrates one more nutrients that need to be addressed to reduce the inflammation, but one must choose good carbohydrate sources, where you must avoid processed carbohydrates and refined, and stay away from white flour and white bread preferably as much as possible, and replaced by bread brown rice brown, and it is also considered legumes, vegetables and a good source of carbohydrates, fiber and also a form of carbohydrate that can help get rid of the inflammation and can be obtained from this fiber fruit.
To get rid of infections or reduce them, one should stay away from proteins from an animal source, and replaced with vegetable protein, as the plant proteins working to combat various infections within the body, and As for the meat, it is advisable to eat poultry and fish, and also advised to stay away from dairy products as much as possible.
Not all fats have the same structure, where there is some bad fats that can worsen the inflammation, and often that these fats from the source of meat and dairy products, and these fats called saturated fat, but the other hand, there is some fat that can struggling infections, and fats are omega-3 acid and unsaturated fat, and the most prominent sources of olive oil, nuts, seeds and fish.

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