10 Factors Leads To Breast Cancer

A scientific study published in the British newspaper Daily Mail confirmed that there are 10 factors that could lead to a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

10 factors Leads To Breast Cancer

• Genetics: risk of breast cancer is higher among women who have relatives living with the disease.
• personal history of women with breast cancer: if the women had cancer in one breast, it is possible to catch him again or that affects the other breast as well.
• Ethnicity: White women are more likely to develop breast cancer than black women color.
• Gender: Breast cancer affects women more than men.
• Age: rising incidence of breast cancer rate with age.
• Genetic factors: inherited changes in certain genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 can increase the risk of breast cancer.
• Density of breast tissue: This means there is a greater amount of gland tissue and a little fatty tissue, which makes women more susceptible to breast cancer.
• PMS: Women who have reached for the first time at the age of at least 12 years, or who have lost their will menstruation, after 55 years, are likely to develop breast cancer.
• undergo breast radiation early in life: women who had undergone radiation treatment to the chest area, as a treatment for another type of cancer, are vulnerable to breast cancer.
• Smoking: of course, which touches especially women who started smoking before having their first child, and night work and drinking alcohol even though the Cup one day, and hormonal therapy.

Breast cancer is a disease that scare women more than any other disease.
But it may affect men, too, though by much less, there is cause for optimism and hope, now more than was the case in past years. In the last 30 years, doctors reached great achievements in the areas of early detection and treatment of breast cancer, therefore decreased the number of deaths caused by breast cancer.

Until 1975, was the detection of breast cancer means full mastectomy – the complete elimination of all breast tissue with lymph nodes in the armpit and the muscles under the breast. But today, the full mastectomy operations shall be conducted only in rare cases. Instead, there is today a wide range, better and more versatile, treatments, as the majority of women conveniences surgery to preserve the breast.

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