200 Calories Burned Walking

Did you know that you can get 200 calories burned walking, also playing two hours of bowling help to burn 500 calories according to fitness for weight loss site, a person can burn 105-285 calories in 30 minutes when bowling, based on weight.

Calories Burned Walking
Calories Burned Walking

Other ways to burn it:
If you weigh 72 kg, you can burn 219 calories in one hour.
If you weigh 91 kg, you can burn 273 calories per hour.
If your weight was 109 kg, you can burn 327 calories per hour.
The body starts burning fat after 5 minutes of stair climbing.
30 minutes at a rate of 8 minutes per mile burns 500 calories, keep in mind that calories burned depends on body weight.
Whenever weight was higher whenever it was necessary to add the largest to burn calories effort.

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Body begins to burn fat after the first half-hour period, lost in that time and energy is not from fatty inventory, but sources of energy in the cells; therefore calories loss when running 500 meters very few, and played football for two hours may help to lose 700 to 1,000 calories, depending on the rate of movement and effort.

How to burn calories during walking

Slow and fast walking:
Walk for 15 minutes a slow manner or medium then walk too fast for 10 minutes is working to burn a large amount of fat in the body. During the shift from slow to fast walking, the body works on the use of fats found inside it for energy supply, which means burning is greater than the amount of calories.

Carry a little walk through weights:
Tote bag weighing one kilogram to two kilograms push your body to burn a greater number of calories during exercise walking. This weight is working on the use of the muscles of the body better, and thus reach that  body you dreams.

Lift up your hands to the upside while walking:
Do some movements during walking gives you more activity and helps in burning calories in your body. Raise your hands towards the top is one of the easy exercises, and makes you get rid of the calories in your body. So put your hands over and over again through the practice of this sport.

Walk in an upright position:
Integrity while walking pulls back muscles and rear and make it work better, what helps burn more calories, So nationalist strain your body while walking with keeping your head in an upright position and get the ideal weight, which has long been waiting for.

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