Calories In Almonds

Calories in almonds in average, A study published in the American Nutrition Magazine showed that 28 grams of almonds (23 grains) contains 129 calories.
So it is for human that eats between two thousand and three thousand calories a day, the inclusion of 84 grams of almonds a day compared to the same number of calories from other foods reduces thermal units.

Calories In Almonds
Calories In Almonds

It reflected a decrease in weight at a rate of about half a kilogram per month, and indicated this study that previous studies concluded that the fat in almonds is not completely absorbed by the body due to the composition of its cells.

A recent study has shown the possibility to replace unhealthy foods with almonds which proved to be lower in calories than a lot of foods, also helps people to reduce cholesterol in the blood as well.

Author of the study D.jari Foster explained from the University of “Temple” Philadelphia, “a special almond nuts should not be placed on the list of prohibited foods follow a diet to lose weight. It can be included in the weight-loss plans successfully provided that they are limited by”.

The study, published in the American Journal of Nutrition Health .123 obese people, but in general good health of those who follow the diet-based system to control the calories in the food they eat for a period of 18 months. According to this diet dealing with the ladies 1.200-1.500 calories per day rate, while dealing with men 1.500-1.800 calories per day price.

They were randomly divided respondents into two groups, the first and gave nearly 28 grams of almonds to eat every day. It is the equivalent of 350 calories, while the second group agreed to avoid nuts in general.

When the researchers examined people who follow the diet after six months, they found that people who did not eat nuts lost the amount of weight a little more who were eating nuts 0.16 pounds compared with 12 pounds on average.

A year later it found that members of both groups regained part of the lost kilos in the past, there is no longer a clear difference in total weight loss between participants who ate almonds or not eat.

In a related context, a previous study suggested that almonds may play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease, the researcher predicted that this finding is some improvement in the level of cholesterol and fat in the blood among those who ate almonds.

After six months of study proved to lack the level of cholesterol in the blood between the handlers of almonds. After 18 months, cholesterol level rose when members of both groups but remained lower in the group that deals with almonds on average.

This illustrates the ability to add almonds to the list of diet to lose weight, so that the person can not get rid of a reasonable amount of weight with the addition of a good health benefit, such as controlling cholesterol and triglyceride level.

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