Calories In Carrots With Details

There are a few calories in carrots about 27 calories per 100 grams, and is therefore preferably in eating anyone who wants to reduce the weight in a healthy way, carrots provides us with the Alpha carotene, beta-carotene and vitamin A and  it helps regenerate and protects the skin from the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation, and strengthens the sight.

Calories In Carrots
Calories In Carrots

Carrot nutrition facts

Rich in dietary fiber, minerals (especially selenium), and fat-soluble beta carotene β, advanced mode for retinol (vitamin A).
The Carrot contain up to six per cent of the sugar, Distinctive flavor is the result of some Atheer oils. 100 grams of edible carrots contain an average of 6 mg of beta carotene β.

100 g of lean Carrots:
kcal kJ water fat Calium Calcium Magnesium Vitamin C
26 109 88 g 0.4 g 290 mg 41 mg 18 mg 7 mg

Source: Wikipedia

Carrots Benefits:

Carrots has the properties of antibiotics, it destroys the bacteria that appear in the intestine, Carrot juice helps in getting rid of intestinal infections and in healing stomach ulcers.
It helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and being able to recover quickly.

It can be used for food and medicine in the treatment of kidney infections.
Carrots hormone is very useful in the treatment of the symptoms of diabetes contain.
It helps in getting rid of some worms and stomach cramps.
Help to recover from coughs and colds, it also a tonic good natural immunity.
Carrots saves the walls of the organs of digestion, increases the secretion of bile and also diuretic.

The benefits of Carrots juice

Expels uric acid from the blood, so it helps patients with gout.
A cure for aches gallstones and liver disease, and tuberculosis.
It is proven that the absorption amounts of carrot juice, sometimes help in cancer treatment resistance or because it contains a very high percentage of vitamin A.

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