Calories In Peanut Butter Sandwich

Next table shows the calories in peanut butter sandwich and other facts:

Peanut butter nitration fats
Meal components
Piece unit
1.00 Quantity
14.00 Weight in grams
0.14 Protein blocks
1.00 Carbohydrate blocks
2.00 Fat blocks
1.00 Blocks # / Measurement
7.00 Unit density in grams
67.00 Calories
280.00 Energy kj
1.00 Grams protein
9.00 G carbohydrates
3.00 Total fat grams
5.00 Total sugar grams
0.25 Total dietary fiber in grams
0.70 Grams of saturated fat
0.00 Cholesterol Balmelg
7.50 Calcium Balmelg
0.35 Iron mg
51.50 Sodium mg
27.00 Potassium mg
7.00 Magnesium mg
26.50 Phosphorus mg
0.05 Thiamine mg
0.04 Riboflavin mg
0.80 Neon niacin micro mg
13.00 Folic acid micro mg

Calories In Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter is a food paste primarily of peanuts and dry roasted, which are popular in North America, and the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, Australia and parts of Asia, particularly the Philippines and Indonesia, which are sometimes used in combination with other spreads such as jam and chocolate in various forms, vegetables or cheese.

The nutritional value of peanut butter

Each senior tablespoons of peanut butter containing 190 BTUs 0.16 grams of fat, including saturated fat, 3.3 g and 12.3 g saturated fat is a healthy 0.6 g carbohydrates, 8 g protein.
As we mentioned earlier, the peanut butter is rich in protein. The fact that the protein source where a plant protein is incomplete. Become full when taken with a slice of whole wheat bread.

Are all kinds of peanut butter healthy?

In markets many kinds of peanut butter. Most of these types contain unhealthy and harmful, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil or vegetable oil full hydrogenation additions also contain huge quantities of sugar.

Hydrogenated oils , also known as trans oils have a negative impact on health. Studies indicate that consumption of this type of oil increases the incidence of chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease and cancer.
Therefore always recommend the “healthy” avoid buying products containing the list of components in the hydrogenated oils.

The allowed amount of peanuts per day

Eating share or two of peanut butter does not cause weight gain. One serving is the 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and contain nearly 200 calories and that if it did not work out bread or jam to those who had it in moderation.
It is true that peanut butter is a healthy meal, but that does not mean it’s possible to take the whole pack in one day, Even healthy foods can cause weight gain and accumulate to become fat if you eat a lot of them. Just take 3 servings of peanut butter adds 600 calories to the daily diet.
If you have this addition care must be taken to increase the activity or reduce the calories consumed from other foods. So do not exceed 2 tablespoons per day.

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