Just 36 Calories In Spinach

Calories in spinach are 36 calories per 100 gm, Spinach is one of the most important green foods, leafy vegetables and a favorite of many, often used in the main dish, and enough to give the man a significant number of important nutrients.


The Web site, “Medical News Today that spinach is super food loaded much of the food in the package of low-calorie.

Nitration facts

Research indicated that the vegetables with dark green leaves, like spinach are considered very important for the skin and hair, and bone health, and providing protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.

Research showed that one cup of raw spinach contains:
• 27 calories. • 0.86 grams of protein. • 30 milligrams of calcium.
• 0.81 grams of iron. • 24 milligrams of magnesium.
• 167 milligrams of potassium. • 2813 IU of vitamin A.
• 58 micro grams of folic acid. It added that spinach also contain vitamin “K”, fiber and phosphorus.

Health benefits of spinach

The health benefits of spinach and one cup of spinach contains seven calories, one gram of carbohydrates.
Like other vegetables contain it on many minerals such as iron, manganese, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
It helps to dissolve cholesterol in the blood, which helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Antioxidants, is part of the nutritional content, they are protecting the body from free radicals that cause certain diseases such as cancer.
It is a good source of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin K.
It contains a high proportion of fiber.
It contains biochemical compounds useful in the control of inflammation.
The best source of beta-carotene, which reduces the risk of cataracts.
It contains powerful anti-aging properties. Eat spinach increases the muscle efficiency.


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