Children’s Nightmares Causes A Solutions

Children’s Nightmares Causes A Solutions, There are many children who wake up from sleep scared cause of the nightmares that they see in a dream, and said American Family Physicians Association that one out of every four children suffers from night nightmares, and so more than once a week, and these are some possible reasons:

Physical stress.
Certain diseases.
High body temperature.
Do Not get adequate sleep.
Do Irregular sleep times.
Anxiety and tension.

Genetics .. where about 7% of children who suffer from nightmares they have a family history of the same problem when one of the brothers or parents, as well as mental retardation, or diseases that affect the mind.

Children's Nightmares
Children’s Nightmares

Also as a result of significant events experienced by the child as an entree school for the first time, or move to a new residence, or parental separation, or married one of them, in addition to daily events experienced by the child, or the child will large and sudden such as an earthquake for the accident, the death of a close. Some medications may cause nightmares addressed during or after the end of treatment and stop them, as well as a lack of love and attention that it gets from the parents or the child being subjected to cruelty and reprimand.

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