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New Clean House Tips

Clean house tips, Housewives sometimes complain of the difficulty of cleaning some stains, dirt and sediment in both floors or basins or devices, so they give you some quick tips that can help you.

clean house tips
clean house tips

If you experience a problem of deposits in steam irons, you can get rid of those deposits in two ways. The first to put your water tank in place some water, lemon juice, vinegar and then wait to heat up a little bit and spray it several times. And the second that you an pass the heated irons on some salt.

glass cleaner
glass cleaner

If you experience a problem of fat deposited in any vase after cooking, you can put some water, salt, vinegar and soap dishes put and boil for ten minutes and leave soaked.

You can also use a mixture of hot water with white vinegar and bicarbonate and soap dishes residual fat or to clean the kitchen sink or ceramic stains either coarse or fine.

That fell to the ground uncooked eggs or oil, you can a little salt to sprinkle absorbed into place, then sweep it using the broom.

To entertain basins, both for the kitchen or bathroom, mix half a cup of vinegar with 2 tablespoons bicarbonate directly over the tub because the mixture boiling strongly then Pour in the sink and leave it for a while, and then hot water boy

For electrical appliances in the kitchen then you should not be exposed outside the body, “power cable” of the water, but you can wipe with a damp cloth and wrung well, either electrically conductive objects is the normal way you can be washed or put in a dishwasher, if possible.

To clean the boiler, put vinegar and lemon with some water and boil the mixture well and Discard it, and then my water without additives and boil it ,throw it away and then you can use the kettle in the normal manner after that.

To clean the hair removal devices or Shaver to your husband you cleaned dedicated a small brush or a brush so old teeth with some cologne, of course. clean them when it is not connected to the electricity.

For Baby and blow dry, you can not clear it with handkerchiefs Cologne and is not connected to the electricity.

For electronic devices you can clear it wet handkerchiefs oneself with cologne, and use a brush to clean the ironing board or any device you can not clean it well.

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