Crunchy Toast And Cancer

A recent British study warned that crunchy toast and grilled potato chips and French fries can increase the risk of cancer.

Crunchy Toast And Cancer
The study released by the British Food Standards Agency, a government body to monitor food quality confirmed that he has been monitoring the high levels of the chemical carcinogens in cooked foods in this house.
The researchers said in the Food Standards Agency, it has to be careful of potatoes crunchy grilled cured of toast and slide Both contain large rates of exciting chemical of concern and carcinogenic “Acrylamides”, where researchers were able to measure the amount found in baked potatoes and potato chips and toast processed in home.
Chief of scientific experts stressed in the Food Standards Agency Jay Bobby, the new research suggests the need to cook baked potatoes and potato chips to “light golden color” only, as baking bread is preferred to the “lightest color acceptable”, because this chemical, which proved to be carcinogenic, consisting of interaction between amino acids, sugar and water in the potatoes and bread when they are exposed to temperatures higher than 120 ° C.

Fried Potatoes Cause Cancer
The scientists concluded – as the newspaper “The Telegraph” quoted yesterday – that the problem in potato chips and potato chips grilled mouth-watering whenever they are darker in color and more crispy, is that they contain the highest levels of substance “Acrylamides.”
The researchers advised, that in order to reduce the amount of material “acryl amides” in baked potatoes and potato chips, the best method for roasting potatoes are boiled briefly in order to reduce the “monosaccharides” “Statistics that can not be fragmented elements smaller”, and that generate acrylamide.
The researchers also advised for potato storage cupboard in the kitchen and not put it in the refrigerator, because the low temperature increase the amount of sugar and sweet potatoes; leading to more acrylamide during cooking.

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