Diary Thief: Diary of Love, Smiles & Broken Hearts

New romance short stories book by M. A. Omair

Our life is simply a chain of linked, small experiences that altogether form our journey in this life. Each cycle of this chain is a little heroic story that carries enough emotions and incidences to write a whole book, especially when they are told by their owner.
This book was written in the form of personal diaries, where the main character gets to tell their own story as if it was written by their own hands. It’s a story from only one point of view. The character will tell their story from their point of view with all the emotions and interactions they had been through. We will live with them day by day for a long or short while. It is definitely a story that is worth telling, writing and reading.


Different stories about love, different incidences, places and characters. They never looked alike, but they are all stories of love and various experiences about love for different people. They contain admiration, smiles and strong falls inside the river of love. What I mean by “strong fall” is that there are a variety of meanings that vary from one character to the other, as of course not everyone who fell in love, had fallen on a pile of roses.


There isn’t a story that has no smile, a smile of an innocent child, a smile of admiration, a smile covered with tears. There can be no story without it. Life can’t be complete without smiling. It’s the usual reaction on our faces, hard to show but also hard to hide. It’s a simple, light dose to reduce our pain and our suffering. No one hates smiling especially when it’s honest and from the heart.
I wish there had been more of it but, you know!

Broken hearts

To be honest, there are plenty of them. Sometimes life is good, but most of the time it is so cruel. It’s more like a huge creature that sometimes looks beautiful like the clear, blue sky at spring. It’s like a delicate princess with a transparent dress that sparkles in the sky like princesses from fairy tales, but it soon changes into a grey, cold, cruel monster that spreads its dark shadows around us; a heartless, carless monster that couldn’t care less about our suffering or our sorrow. It throws us in the deep well of pain where we are trapped, feeling lonely with no help or hope to get out.
Many hearts get broken; they are mostly gentle and weak like a fragile crystal.


The events in these stories don’t happen in one place or one community. They vary among different cultures and multiple places to give the reader a unique experience to discover several environments and cultures that they may not have experienced before. They all have one common factor, which is being human, and feeling everything from humane emotions such as love, hatred, happiness and agony.
Short, rapid events but vital and essential for storytelling. Most of the stories won’t take an hour to finish, but they carry unwritten, minute details between the lines. They were discarded intentionally as they are intuitive and had no influence on the current of the events. Instead, the focus was on the main characters’ reactions and feelings.

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