Eating Dinner While Watching TV Increases Obesity

Dinner meals that admonishes Professionals nutrition not to eat to keep fit, But when taken in front of the TV situation is getting worse because they we were to eat the largest amount of food as recent scientific study found that adults who watch television while eating dinner increase their risk of obesity by 40%.

Eating Dinner While Watching TV Increases Obesity

According to the website “Daily Mail” the British, the researchers found that those who ate cooked food at home instead of dinner at the restaurant are less likely to be obese at a rate of 26%.

Although the results may seem obvious, but US researchers warn that the majority of people are putting Eat Out in the place that has the television and therefore they see during meal times, leading to snacks and excessive eating, Also theĀ  researchers found that eating with the family lowers the risk of obesity, as long as the food is cooked at home and there is no TV in the place.

The main author of the study Rachel Tumen from the faculties of Ohio in Columbus, said that about a third of adults watch television during most or all family meals, while the other 36% did not watch any TV or video during meals.

Added Dr. Jerica BergeĀ  Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, that people who do not watch TV during meals as likely to have a lower incidence of obesity increased by 37%, of those who always watch it during family meals.

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