Dizziness Causes

Dizziness causes review – Dizziness is a common symptom when patient feel dizzy and feeling as on the verge of fainting may be a case of temporary or chronic or recurrent fainting.

Dizziness Causes
Dizziness Causes

In this exclusive interview,  Dr. Neil Cherian explain to you causes dizziness and how to cure: “If you suffer from vertigo, you may feel as if your room spin, often produces this feeling for many health problems, including the failure of the inner ear, for example”.
In an exclusive interview with neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Ohio-based, Neil Cherian said: “Sometimes it may be caffeine and drought impact in their occurrence.” He explains Dr. Cherian relationship between vertigo and migraine disease, saying: “Some people with migraines may suffer from vertigo symptoms. Some foods may help such as blue cheese and changes to seasonal weather in promoting injury-beamed Vertigo.

He adds: If you are of those people who suffer from vertigo because of their migraines, do not be afraid, there are specific medications to dizziness treatment.

Dizziness Causes

Factors that cause the occurrence of rotation
To be sure, the spring and the fall, does not cause dizziness, but may affect the occurrence in some form.
Viral infections that affect the inner ear can play a role in feeling dizzy.

It can be hidden and mysterious reasons, such as parts of the rotor balance system fails eyes, ears, neck or brain.
Last advice provided by Dr. Cherian Everyone constantly suffers from vertigo problem, go to a doctor who specializes in ear, nose and throat doctor or neurological diseases to treat him and give him the necessary care.

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