Ear Infection Causes & Prevention

Ear Infection Causes and Prevention, Ear’s wax exists  for ear repels water and kills microbes, But when human long swim in the water is not suitable barrier weakens the protective wax wall of the ear and there bacteria can inter and cause inflammation and pain.

Ear Infection Causes & Prevention

How to avoid ear infection?

Otitis externa inflammation extends from Flint ear even eardrum, due to bacteria or fungi. Rights and feel pain in his ear, particularly when touched. Sometimes the ear and secrete a liquid which affects the patient’s ability to hear. Often develop inflammation of the external ear of people who swim a lot, or children as well as adults, who wear hearing devices to help them.

Causes of ear infection

Minor injuries in the ear canal make bacteria and fungi capable of causing inflammation and in the presence of water. It also causes inflammation lightness waxy protective layer of the wall of the ear, a so-called ear wax or greasy fluid that protects the ear from bacteria and fungi.

Treatment is very important in order not to increase the inflammation does not spread and worsen.
The doctor can prescribe antibiotics for a patient in the form of ear drops or cortisone hormone which helps to activate the immune response and control of infections, the doctor puts in intractable in the ear piece of gauze cloth channel cases. Studies have shown that these methods are very effective.

There is also a disinfectant drugs and beater for the pain can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription in pharmacies, but there is so far no evidence or studies to demonstrate that the effect of these drugs, such as well-effective drugs must be prescribed by a physician himself.

How to avoid aggravation of ear infection?

When someone was wounded in inflammation and pain may resort patient to wash his ear with soap but this removes the protective grease ear layer, and this makes the ear more susceptible to infection, and sometimes may come out pus and pus from the ear and the patient may suffer from a hearing problem and difficulty in swallowing and difficulty in moving the granite outer ear in cases critical.

When you feel pain in the ear are advised not to swim and not to the ear survey cotton, non-Knit outer ear wall to prevent irritation of the walls of the outer ear, and advised not to use ear plugs during swimming, they lead to skin irritation, but it is possible to use a towel to dry the ear, also can be used moisturizing cream Dry facial skin.

Rapid and advised to go to the specialist doctor if pain continued for more than 24 hours. And is used in the form of antibiotic ear drops, treatment may take two or three may extend to several days. And we must pay attention to that failure to address the external ear quickly and properly may result in the transmission of pain to the middle ear.

It is possible to prevent ear infections to prevent water from entering the ear canal while swimming, by wearing bathing cap or through the good and appropriate for the ear plugs so as not to lead to skin irritation. When entering the water to your ear while swimming tilted your head to the side and probably shook your head and jump in order to allow water to flow out of the ear, as well as to allow for the remnants of soap, shampoo, if any, out also because it may strengthen the inflammation you have.

It should not be neglected cleaning the ear canal, but without the use of medical cotton or cut your fingers, this may lead to minor injuries in the ear wax, which protects the skin of the ear canal infections, according to DR site.

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