Early signs of depression

It is natural that reach the stages of grief or discomfort from time to time, life is daily carrying sometimes troubles and problems.
But it goes beyond nature becomes outside the framework of normal sadness or fatigue that continued state of psychological discomfort for a long time and didn’t skip it quickly or automatically with the passage of time.

Between normal sadness and depression and there are differing points milestone first time factor and secondly signs of depression. Statistics show that 25% of women suffer from depression. So what are the signs of depression?

Early signs of depression
Early signs of depression

• When you feel miserable, useless and hopeless.
• When you lose interest in your friends, your activities and stuff you in the past you enjoy it.
• Feeling tired all the time.
• Having appetite and sleep disorders.
• When you lose focus and turn all the things that you’re evaluating them easily formerly difficult for you.
• Notice you forget many things that notify you that you exercise intellectual decline.
• Can’t control the bad thoughts no matter how I tried.
• Turn quickly to anger and emotion and with a sharp printed person.
• Feel unexplained pain, the mother of the head, back, stomach ache and body joints and muscles.
Women’s tests depression more sensitive, it is possible to gain weight, feel guilty or overly hours sleep. Depression in women related to hormonal factors in periods of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. And among the seven women there is a woman going through menopause signs after birth.
Duplication mood also enter the world of depression is also called Manic depression, which includes sudden and continuous changes of mood, energy and physical thinking.

How To Overcome Depression Naturally
How To Overcome Depression Naturally

Knowing the signs of depression and awareness that you exercise the first steps to self-treatment, Although recover yourself through awareness and action to rehabilitate yourself check out our psychiatrist will help you to put your end-depressants and communicative life naturally.

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