Excessive Hunger Treatment

Excessive hunger treatment, Low blood sugar makes us feel hungry, in the resort automatically to compensate eating candy, But bouts of excessive feeling of hunger have other reasons such as eating habits, it could also be due to a lack of certain minerals and vitamins.

Excessive Hunger Treatment

All excessive hunger bouts comes sudden and had to endure from eating any food immediately. And devour exposed to the bout of excessive hunger large amounts of food, especially fatty foods, sweets and salted foods.

Excessive hunger bouts Causes and how to resist

There are those who endure bouts of excessive hunger and often has to be a strong desire to eat chocolate such as the German press Verena Troster that says “when there is no chocolate in the house I can not continue my work and I keep thinking about it even go out and buy a piece of chocolate.”

But why particular chocolate? Answer: because the material zinc and less strongly when in the body, the body asks foods rich in zinc, according to Dr. Babi.
Doctors warns that people who are exposed to bouts of excessive hunger in South America, for example, they may have the desire to eat nuts: “Because of the high percentage of zinc. For vegetables and plants the red with beets amount of zinc earth-shattering. the body’s cells remember, So the lack of material zinc, the body feels hungry for food that contains zinc.
People who are accustomed to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, their bodies become very sensitive to scurvy, because the need for this vitamin is increased when subjected to stress.
So it is recommended to take additional share of the fruits. A person who feels a strong desire to eat salty foods may have a lack of sodium.
It may be the cause of a bout of excessive hunger, a lack of certain nutrients. It comes to him a desire to eat meat or sausage; he has a lack of protein.
The seafood here is to be the best alternative because it is rich in fatty acids Omega 3 health.
French fries with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise have a bad reputation as a bomb calories, but also its pros and according to Dr. my door.

Besides a lot of sugar ketchup has a large amount of plant material secondary lycopene that protect against atherosclerosis, also cooked tomatoes and focus for the preparation of ketchup sauce over the concentration of lycopene fivefold The mayonnaise “are prepared from sunflower oil, such as oil that fried the potatoes. Does not know his health risk.”
However, it is advised not to eat large amounts of fried potato crisps (potato chips) because they contain significant calories.
The alternative health to satisfy the desire to eat salty food to drink mineral water rich in sodium and some olives. In any case, he drank water and healthy fills the stomach and go feeling hungry.
To control excessive bouts of hunger must compensate the many food-calorie fresh fruits and vegetables.
There is also a secret weapon to curb hunger spells is gurgling using mouthwash. The strength of the bait weaken the desire to eat.

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