Face Wrinkles Causes

Face wrinkles causes, Lines and facial wrinkles or that known as the women’s disturbing signs , which are often associated with older age, and of course women seeking to delay the onset of these lines as much as possible.

Face wrinkles causes
Face wrinkles causes

But did you know that there are some factors that may represent a contributing factor in the appearance of skin wrinkles early?, factors that you should be sensitive to them and avoid them.
In the following points we’ll review the most important factors that accelerate the appearance of wrinkled skin.

drinking water before meals benefitsdrinking water before meals benefits

You may not drinking enough amount of water, which should not be less than two liters and a half a day .

Lack of attention to moisten the skin creams appropriate to their nature, whether dry or greasy or mixed.

Exposure to the sun for long periods, without usingĀ  sunscreen from the sun.

Neglect of peeling skin, which must be careful to do once a week.

UsingĀ  treat wrinkles creams preventively before they appear and since the beginning of the thirties stage.

Top Vitamin C Foods
Top Vitamin C Foods

Also it recommended to eat antioxidants fruits as Berry cherries, they are one of the important elements which help to keep the skin cells in good health, Make sure the daily vitamin C intake, And you will find it in abundance in fruit vitamin C group.

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