6 Effective Weapons To Fight Hunger

If you suffer from the problem of lack of sense of satiety, although you dealt with your diet. Information about tips on overcoming hunger following six tips that really effective weapons to fight hunger:

Excessive Hunger Treatment

1. Drink two cups of water before each meal:
In order to fill the stomach, and thus reduce about 60 calories calories gained from each meal.

2. Add some nutrients:
Including: vinegar and cinnamon, to meals, they help in regulating blood sugar after meals, and thus the feeling of satiety for a longer period after, according to a study issued by the “Ministry of Agriculture and Food Science” in the “Zurich”, Switzerland.

3. Eating seafood:
Note that the acids “Omega 3” fatty where, next challenge hunger for hours to eat the fruits of the sea. In a study published in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” the researchers noted that those who ate fish they feel full for longer, compared with those who ate beef, as well as avoid the 75 calories in fish meal.

4. Eating raw nuts:
Note that its content of fiber and the “protein” and fat reduces calorie intake during the day .

5. Starch Resistant foods:
Enter the anti starch foods (white or sweet potatoes and whole grains) to your diet, they enhance satiety and reduce calorie consumption, including up to 320 calories a day.

6. Eat egg:
Due to his riches as “protein”, which plays a role in controlling appetite for 36 hours.

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