9 Foods that fight hunger pains

At the beginning of the diet less amount of food you are taking significantly, so you feel greater hunger, and after a while a feeling of hunger is the main reason for backing away and not your ability to follow the diet.

Top 5 Hunger Feeling Causes

In order to have a healthy diet and useful not feel him hungry, there are some foods rich in fiber and nutrients, which retard your hunger and give you a sense of satiety for a long time, even eating small amounts of them can safe you from eating large amounts of foods.

Why Shouldn't you Wash Eggs, Usually we wash the eggs after buying it to remove the bacteria sticking to the outer shell, But this way the egg wash his damage. How can we get rid of the bacteria sticking to the outer shell of the eggs without washing it?

A recent study of bio-research center in Los Angeles and found that most of those who follow a diet to lose weight, eat eggs in the morning at breakfast feel fuller for a longer period than others until the next meal, it’s rich in protein and beneficial fats to the body, and the egg is not a major cause of raise blood cholesterol, and can be for those who are afraid of the cholesterol-sufficiency blanks eggs and they will get almost the same benefit.

Avocado Calories Average

This delicious fruit and rich in fiber and unsaturated fat and beneficial for heart health as well, but should be sufficient for half the fruit only during the day, because it contains a high percentage of calories.

Vegetable protein is indispensable for the body, it is free of fat found in animal protein, which causes an increase in weight, So try that vegetable protein eat itĀ  in the form of pulses full of protein and fiber, such as: “lentils, beans, and the beans” at least twice a week.


ChilliĀ pepper:
Next to the chili and cayenne to taste the food always gives a distinctive flavor, the activities of other benefits, including the sensation of satiety faster, it also stimulates the body to burn more calories!

drink water

Try to drink water at least two liters a day. Water is give your body and your skin’s life and vitality, water is good for the nervous system and the digestive system, joints and tissues and all parts of the body, and that drinking water independent of means from eating larger portions, which gives a sense of satiety and helps stimulate the burning and improve digestion.

yogurt diet

This delicious food rich in calcium and sugar-free, you can eat yogurt as an iftar meal with oats and pieces of fresh fruit, as can eating a cup of yogurt a dinner meal two hours before bedtime.

Eating soup as a meal interface helps sense of satiety for a long time, and not eating large amounts during the main meal, So try to eat vegetable soup, chicken, lentils, etc., and avoid adding precious milk, so do not Tzbba to increase the fat and calorie ratio.

All kinds of useful nuts for heart health and the body in general, because they contain a high proportion of fiber and unsaturated fats.

And almonds specifically contain fiber ratio is higher than others, which gives you a greater sense of satiety when ingested meal interface, Eating a handful of almonds a day is salted, by 15 pill reduces your appetite towards food is useful, such as sweets.

apple diet

Eating an apple a day protects the body from many diseases, in addition to that, the apples from the foods that give a sense of satiety and fullness for long periods.

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