Fried Potatoes Cause Cancer

Fried potatoes and heat the bread things that we do every day at home, but many studies have warned that the methods of heating and frying may make food carcinogen, especially when cooked at high temperatures.

Fried Potatoes Cause CancerA study published by the newspaper “Daily Mail” the British that the potatoes grilled and fried and heating segments live toast too much and at elevated temperatures cause a high level of cancer-causing chemicals, and revealed a new study by the International Agency for Food Safety, to offer bread and potatoes for levels of intense heat at home, causing acrylamide in the formation of toxic cancer-causing.

Professor Guy Poppy, a senior adviser to the scientific oversight body, that acrylamide be, which is carcinogenic form of interaction between amino acids and sugars and the water in the potatoes and bread when cooked at a temperature above 120 degrees Celsius, noting that he does not urge people to stop food, but we must follow some warnings even be safer.

According to the report, from healthy cooking tips, when you cook potatoes in the house must be golden color, opening, As for the bread toasted it must be by the color is very light, it is necessary to follow the frying heating oven instructions, as it is better potatoes stored in dry cabinets instead from the refrigerator, because the low temperatures increases the amount of sugar in the potatoes and lead to more toxins that are produced when cooking.

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