Fruit Sugar Negative Effects On Brain

Scientists revealed that the fructose does not enter the body through the fruit juice, biscuits consumption and chocolate, but the brain produces levels of it too, might be a slow brain killer and experts found that the brain converts its own power supply to fructose, known for its deadly effects on the body.

According to the first study that supports the view that who eat heavy meals, from fast food, are the most vulnerable to the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Researchers from Yale University , examined the brains of eight healthy people who had received glucose via the “venous catheter,” and based on a special type of imaging, researchers were able to measure the concentrations of glucose in their brains, and after 10 minutes only noticed increased levels of glucose in the brain.

According to the site “Live Sense” report, and after a short delay they discovered higher fructose levels in the brain, Scientists think that high fruit sugar ratio resulting from reactions in the brain known as the “pathway”, which turns through which glucose from the energy source the body to another sugar known as “Sorbitol“, then took blood samples is converted to fruit sugar also to measure the glucose concentration of another study published in the journal “GCI Insight,” and found in which researchers also a small increase in fructose levels, but after about an hour and a half from the registry.

Dr, Janice Hwang: “In this study, we show for the first time that fructose can be produced in the human brain,” he continued saying: “The presence of fructose in the brain was not just a result of food consumption, but can be generated from any sugar we eat , the study adds another dimension to the understanding of the effects of fructose on the brain. “

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