Get Rid Of A Cold Without Medication

Get rid of a cold without drugs, get rid of a cold without medication.

Many of us catch a cold and colds, especially after the change of weather and low temperatures. Cold often do not continue more than ten days, it does not help to prevent it taking medications. These are some household tips to get rid of the common cold.

get rid of a cold without medication
get rid of a cold without medication

There are several viruses cause the common cold, including nasal virus (Rhinovirus), which causes about half of all colds in the world. These viruses are transmitted through droplets of respiratory when coughing and sneezing, and travels often in the late fall and winter, but they also multiply at low temperature and high humidity in the air. These viruses cause common colds in various parts of the world. There are some other factors that contribute to the increased chance of developing colds, such as the lack of the body’s immunity and lack of sleep and even stress can increase the incidence of, as mentioned site “Obotikan Ohomchao” German.

And infecting viruses nose and sinuses, throat and bronchial lining, causing sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing and cough accompanied by sometimes pain in the muscles of the rib cage, as well as malaise, headache, loss of appetite, fever and extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, and the site said “Aarkilletet” German, competent in advising against colds and colds.

There is no any drug or vaccine that can protect the body from getting a cold. The antibiotics do not also benefit, because they are only effective against bacteria and not against viruses. Most cases of the common cold ends a few days does not exceed ten days because of the sound the body’s resistance to viruses after.

These are some household tips to get rid of a cold:

1. Wash and clean the nose with salt water: This method served with it because it calms the mucous cells of the nose, and thus increase the effectiveness of nasal secretions. It is advisable to repeat the process for washing the nose several times a day.

Preparation: salt water to wash the nose we are attending by placing the amount of salt or sea salt from the amount of nine grams, which is equivalent to the amount of Sgareeten two tablespoons of salt in a liter of hot water. And then wait for hot water to cool down a bit and the temperature up to room temperature and then wash your mouth and nose done.

2. inhalation of sea salts or chamomile or mint: According to this method in the treatment of the common cold, cough, chronic, especially him.

Preparation: heat the amount of water and put it in a bowl, then put mint or chamomile or sea salt in it, and then water vapor inhalation. And it can be used inhalation medical machine in the case of constant use.

3. hot drinks: drinking herbal tea, tea with honey and hot drinks has a positive effect on the body and helps reduce neck and chest pain. The ginger syrup can also be used against muscle pain and against the side effects associated with the cold and colds.

4. Medical eating chewing tablets: help these discs to relieve neck pain also.

5. reduce the temperature: When high body temperature with a cold and access to more than 38.5 Celsius are advised to drink fluids and hot drinks and tea medicinal herbs.

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