Best ways to Get Rid Stress And Tension

Best ways to get rid stress and tension on Eve How, Stress and tension imbalance in the body system, but this imbalance is not negatively always, strain the muscles to help them grow, and strain the brain may help to learn math, or invent new things, permission heart intermittent stress and tension keeps the body and development work, but the problem occurs when Stress turns into a chronic intermittent.

How to deal with chronic stress

The main symptoms of chronic stress:

Memory problems, inability to concentrate, feelings of anxiety, loneliness and isolation, feeling miserable, and increased body fat, and diarrhea or constipation, rapid heartbeat, colds repeated, sleeping more or less than necessary, and procrastination and neglect of responsibilities, habits nerve such as nail-biting and impulsive.

Stress And Tension
Stress And Tension

4 best ways to relieve stress:

Spend a fun time. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress fun to spend some time with relatives and friends, or in the exercise of one of the hobbies, or go to a picnic with children, a funny or watch a work of art.

Relaxation and meditation

The goal of meditation that man becomes more responsive for his ideas, not his responses are reactions, methods of meditation and relaxation reading, singing, and the use of the pros talk with oneself.

Table stretch exercise

It’s one of the most important yoga techniques to reduce relax control breathing, there are two types of higher breathing in which you move the collar bone, and low in which you move the stomach, has to be the work of a balance between the two types of breathing, attention to higher breathing which drives the shoulders and collarbone because it introduces a greater amount of oxygen to the lungs, to succeed in this you need to take a deep breath and take it out slowly, then exhale Get a quick pause before you start a new breathing cycle.

V stretch exercise


Technology takes a lot of our time now, while our bodies need for more sport and physical activity to reduce stress hormones, the body needs at least 10 minutes a day of accelerated heartbeat by intensive sport.

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