Golden Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Golden tips to boost your immune system, The immune system in the body works as a platform for anti-virus protection in modern computers, it can fight viruses and microbes and fungi in the body. But he needs a permanent care to continue to do well, what are the ways to increase efficiency?

Golden tips to boost your immune system
Golden tips to boost your immune system

The immune system protects the body from the daily millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens, which is trying in various ways the body illnesses. The immune system and works highly efficient to keep the march of our lives, and any slight defect hardly cause symptoms fast, and makes the body susceptible to diseases and viruses without protection.

In the following seven useful tips to strengthen the immune system in the body:

1- Eat true of vitamins important food and materials:

Many people are turning to eating prepared foods and fried foods, which contain a lot of calories adequate for the growth of the body, but devoid of the necessary vitamins and nutrients for the work of members of the body, especially the immune system. This risk is increased especially in winter and with cooler air, and with the increasing number of microbes and bacteria and viruses in the air.

The solution lies in taking proper food and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those that contain a large percentage of the color red, red tomatoes, as well as cabbage or cabbage which helps to strengthen the immune system.

2- Adequate sleeping:

A strong immune system needs a rest period to restore physical activity. And lack of sleep when the immune system loses part of its efficiency and become vulnerable to viruses. Recent studies have shown that the body produces half the number of antibodies, which protect the body from disease and viruses, when lack of sleep. Experts and demands that human honors to sleep for a period of not less than six hours a day.

3-Cold feet weaken your immune system:

Cold feet causing symptoms to humans and affect the efficiency of the immune system, because the body reacts rapidly with cold feet and gives a different directives to avoid it. Some of these directives are to reduce the blood flow in the skin and mucous membranes, which causes a lack of blood flow in the nose and mouth.

And so the mucous membranes lose their ability to capture viruses and microbes, that can stay and live in the mucous membranes and then on to the human body. As a result, it begins to cough and cold symptoms and neck aches.

The solution here lies in the well and left them the lack of exposure to the cold cover the feet.

4. Sports strengthen the work of the immune system:

The task of sport to human health is also important to strengthen the immune system. But exercise in exaggeration by also reduces the efficiency of the immune system and make the body vulnerable to viruses and microbes, as The site “Bankhofer Gasundhaitis stiff.” Therefore advisable to take bouts of rest when feeling tired during exercise.

5-Tension enemy of the immune system:

The tension may be the great enemy of the immune system in nature after viruses and microbes, as the body works to produce large amounts of the stress hormone “cortisol” during stress episodes, which serves to prepare the body to the risk of what, such as to escape or fight . In this case, the brain gives directives to reduce the work of other organs in the body, including the immune system.

It is therefore suffers from the constant stress at work or in public life more susceptible to disease than others.

6- Alcohol opens body’s doors for virus:

Researchers found that alcohol hinders the work of some immune cells in the body. When the constant communion or alcoholism cells lose this ability viruses and microbes resistance. The body can while exposure to cold spells ongoing serious injury or even viruses because of the lack of efficiency of the immune system.

7- Smoking exhausts the immune system:

Nicotine works to overwork the immune system and affect his work in a negative light,  And the smoke that is produced through the nicotine enters the lungs and cause side effects and makes the immune system interacts with them, then the work of the mucous membranes in the airways and can bacteria and viruses without protection through transit stops, The body becomes more susceptible to infection.

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