High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Hypertension which sometimes we call high blood pressure, is a chronic health disorder affects about 28-30% of adults worldwide, according to WHO estimates. Increases in high blood pressure from the blood pressure on the artery walls.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Measuring the blood pressure Acronym using two measures: we call them diastolic pressure diastolic and systolic pressure systolic name, where the systolic pressure value depends on the contractility of the heart muscle and its ability to deflation, while diastolic pressure depends on the effectiveness of relaxation between pulses.

The person may remain for years, suffers from high blood pressure him without showing any symptoms.
However, the high blood pressure will continue sabotaging the arteries and the heart at this time. And high blood pressure is the exact treatment will raise the risk of serious health problems, such as heart attacks and strokes.

High blood pressure symptoms:

High blood one of the health problems that cause the appearance of some symptoms of the disease on the patient, such as headaches and other symptoms of high blood pressure than normal pressure.

A person is exposed to high blood pressure than normal level of injury as a result of several reasons, including genetics, emotion and nervousness and the incidence of certain diseases that cause higher blood pressure level factors.

There are some symptoms that give an indication of high blood pressure when a person “, including the following:
– Severe head pain “headache” a symptom of high blood pressure.
– Feeling dizzy and dizziness.
-A sense of tension and nervousness of the symptoms of high blood pressure.
– Shortness of breath.
– In some cases nose bleeds one of the signs of high blood pressure level.

As for Basic high pressure there is no symptoms in most cases, but some patients are talking about symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, exhaustion and heart beat. Discover high blood pressure often when the patient is being examined for some reason has nothing to do high pressure. Because the primary hypertension is not accompanied by symptoms often, and may be present for years, it is important to take the patients history in the account.

High blood pressure cause:

There are many factors and disorders that may play a role in its evolution from such as:
• Smoking.
• Overweight or obese.
• Lack of physical activity.
• Eating a lot of salt with food.
• A lot of drinking alcohol.
• Tension \ aging.
• Genes.
• Having a family history of high blood pressure.
• chronic renal disease.
• Adrenal and thyroid disorders.

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