High Protein Diet Plan & Side Effects

High protein diet plan for weight loss, High protein diet as a system depends on increasing the amount of protein covered by an individual in exchange for a very small amount of foods containing carbohydrates making the body depends on the stored fat works on burning it for energy.

High protein diet
High protein diet

This diet is causing a rapid decline in weight, especially in the first two weeks of its application because the limit the intake of carbohydrates leads to loss of body fluids and lead to overindulge in foods containing protein to be substances called ketones, which starts in the bloodstream, causing loss of appetite as well as nausea.

Sample High Protein Diet Plan:

In total you eat 5_6 meals of protein a day, as follows:
Animal proteins: One egg or 3 ounces, equivalent to almost the size of the palm of grilled chicken or meat or fish.
Nuts: An ounce of nuts or two tablespoons of nut butter.
Legumes: Half a cup of beans.
Dairy: One cup of Greek yogurt contains 23 grams of protein and must be adhered to only one share of the dairy to avoid potential  inflammation effects.

protein foods`
protein foods

So what are the high protein foods that should be addressed?

Animal proteins are the richest sources of vital nutrients plus they closely reflect the types of protein that the body fit. In addition to the nuts and beans, legumes and dairy products an excellent choice of protein for people, especially vegetarians, it is also an important part of any balanced diet.


You eat one serving of protein with every meal, then 2-3 and snacks rich in protein, It is also very important to begin your day in particular protein to activate the metabolism in your body and burn calories efficiently rest of the day.
Eating a share of protein every 2-3 hours instead of dealt with at once a great choice helps your body absorb protein interest better.
It is necessary to make sure the protein intake as part of a low saturated fat healthy diet contains a high proportion of fruits and vegetables.
Also, get a good mix of different protein sources, especially those non-animal sources, which are also contain besides the protein are high in fiber and nutrients and supports the immune system and help stabilize blood sugar is great and very necessary for health.

High protein diet results:

This diet works on lost about 7 kg in the first two weeks of his followers and then continue to lose weight as long as you deal with only the permitted quantity of carbohydrates.

High protein diet side effects:

American Heart Organization warned of follow such protein-rich regimes because eating large amounts of animal protein also contains high levels of fat, leading to increased likelihood of coronary artery disease, diabetes, as well as strokes.
In addition to exposure to diseases of the liver, kidney and osteoporosis, especially in people who can not get rid of excess protein.
British foods organization warned as well from a high-protein follow the regulations because they do not absolutely incompatible with international recommendations, as well as health food cause severe damage ranging from constipation and even kidney damage.
Recommend by Organization of American heart healthy, following a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients in moderate amounts in addition to regular physical activity and weight loss in order to secure manner and avoid any health problems that may result from the following high-protein diets.

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