Hot Dog Cancer Risks

Hot Dog Cancer Risks, The International Cancer Agency for Research in Paris placed the processed meat such as Hot Dog, Health Organization in the first category of its list of “carcinogenic to humans”, which also include tobacco and rock Silk (asbestos) and smoke diesel, and said that there is “sufficient evidence” to prove their relevance to all cancer.

Hot Dog Cancer Risks

In an earlier report intensify debate about the advantages and disadvantages of eating meat, the World Health Organization said that eating a slice of processed meat weighs 50 grams-whether from beef or pigs that are usually saved in a way salting or smokedĀ  increase the risk of colon cancer by 18%.

Processed meat

Industry analysts said it was too early to consumers or the retail market data reveal the impact of this report on the industry in the United States in the long run, and whether shoppers stay away from buying pork which is usually anchored during the celebration of Christmas.

So far, the public vote on the means of social communication explicitly in favor of Hot Dog and ham with the case issued hashtag on Twitter from around the world came.

For its part, Health Organization resorted on Twitter also published a statement confirming that the International Agency for Research on Cancer of its report “does not ask people to refrain from eating processed meat,” but only indicates that the reduction of consumption may reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer.

Processed meat may cause cancer

The researchers published their findings in the journal Lancet Oncology specialized explained, meat processing operations that can cause the production of various substances that cause cancer, or at least there is a strong suspicion about the possibility of causing cancer.
Among these hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic substances which arise from the smoked meat or oxidation processes or drying meat for the preparation of various types of preserved meat as Hot Dog and other processed meats.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer explained the results of this research, saying: “The risk of colon cancer in small individual cases, but the risk increases with increasing quantities consumed of corned beef.

Experts puts red meat whether veal or cows or goats, under the “causes of cancer potential list”, Include same-based material Glevusat, which are used as material to protect plants from pests and which is under heavy criticism and there are demands to ban them.
The findings are based on an assessment of more than 800 Bunting addressed the relationship between eating meat and the possibility of cancer, according to a report published by German magazine “Spiegel” .

The researchers explained that the evidence on the possibility that the cause of meat in human cancer, limited as it spotted some studies the relationship between eating meat and between colon cancer, while other studies did not succeed in proving this, according to the “Lancet Oncology”.



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