How to answer children’s awkward questions

How to answer children’s awkward questions and how to answer children’s difficult questions, Dear mothers do not evaded to answer your child’s questions related to sex, this is not the solution, Children are not stupid.

How to answer children's awkward questions
How to answer children’s awkward questions

At this age they invent a lot of phantom images, but they will not long continue to believe myths that parents have concocted to evade the answer, and answer questions like these there are four tips:

Spoke little and simply, but say something honest and real. If you find it difficult you can use some of the books. Be careful not to convey to the child that your ideas and your views on the wrong sex. It needs to be reconciled with his body, happy and confident of the same with respect to same type of wealth.

Used the right words to describe members of the body, just as you do when you talk about the arm or thigh. If we use words related to sex accurately and simply they will not leave a particular impact on the child, but also help him to see sex as something normal naturally.

Don’t build your speaking to your children on  dimensions of desire and pleasure, which is what parents do often in their talk. These dimensions are grabbing the baby’s curiosity more anatomical description of Muhammad. Whatever words we use in the commentary and interpretation, the message should be delivered are the following: the parents are the ones who make the child they wish to do so. They share their fondling because they love each other and they find it great fun.

Preferably a parent is talking to the boy and mother to daughter, as they both speak very well what he knows well. In some aspects of the subject matter it is impossible. It is not permissible blur the role of the father, and when the mother talking to her daughter about “How come the baby?”. The mother of the child alone does not make, nor grows inside without mode father. There must be an dult man and a woman , from two different families and not from within the same family, in order to sexually engagement and  get children.

These ways make your child feels he settle for the information that  provided to him in this area

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