These Foods Prevent You High Blood Pressure

How to Avoid high blood pressure, These Foods Prevent You High Blood Pressure, A new British study has shown that the adoption of a diet that combines unsaturated fats, such as olive oil and vegetables rich in nitrates such as spinach, would be protected from high blood pressure, it sheds light on an important biological benefits of the Mediterranean diet for the system.

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The study, conducted on mice and published in the United States, help to understand the results of previous studies indicate that the Mediterranean diet is capable of reducing high blood pressure.

Olive oil lowers cholesterol in the blood
Olive oil lowers cholesterol in the blood

This system includes mostly unsaturated fats found in olive oil, fruits covered with scales, as well as vegetables such as spinach, celery and carrots.

These fruits and vegetables rich in nitrates and inorganic Actintrat, two Two outputs from the oxidation of nitrogen.

Combining these two groupsĀ  leads the chemical interaction between the unsaturated fatty acids with nitrogen elements found in these vegetables to the formation of fatty acids, “Azo” help to lower blood pressure.


The researchers sought in “King’s College” center in London, who published their findings in the American Academy of reports of Sciences for the period between 19 and May 23, to determine whether the nitrate and nitrite lead to the installation of enzyme helps the blood pressure-control.

Said Philip Leighton, a professor of biochemistry of heart disease and blood vessels at the Institute of “King’s College” in London and the main supervisor of this funded by the “British Heart Foundation” Foundation study: “The results of our research supports executing studies previously that show that the Mediterranean diet supported with oil extra virgin olive or fruit-covered scales can reduce the likelihood of exposure to cardiovascular problems. “

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