Secrets Makes You Attractive Personality

How to be attractive personality, Who does not like to have a great attraction draws the children of the opposite sex? But if you think that the gravity or the excitement is linked to the external form only, you are completely wrong.

Attractive Personality
Attractive Personality

There are many recipes in the personality of the individual, and sometimes strange, to make it more attractive to the eyes of others.

Therefore, we present to you today a set of qualities or situations make you attractive to all developed by “Sasha Streep” in an article I wrote for the site “My Domain”:

It’s great to be funny, wherever you are:

If you had to evaluate your personal’s marks, you will think about your external look first, right?

But what if you were told that being funny is more attractive to the opposite sex? You may not feel that you are “sexy” at a time slap it around you, but wit is grainy to a large extent, and there are studies to prove it.

A field study has shown that women see funny men attractive because it is intelligent guide.

It is remarkable when you be “strange”:

Are you a person who prefers to adapt and change to resemble everyone, or do you like to be different and proud your strange personality.

According to a study led by Australian therapist “Matthew Hornsey,” University of “Queensland”, women and men prefer non-typical and stereotypical partners.

This study is opposed to popular belief that men prefer subject, humble, defeated and comfortable women.

Not be the best case when they are sad:

If we know that women find funny men more attractive, but according to a study of the “University of British Columbia,” find happy men less attractive than the vaunted man or depressed.

If, women are attracted to the smiling man in particular that the smile is, according to the study, a key factor in attracting women to men.

They tried to Dear men that you keep smiling for attracting the largest number of women possible.

Courage is “captivating”:

To be brave is to have the ability to do is scary to you, and faith in the face of uncertainty.

This is not always easy, but this strong sense may also make you interesting.

In a paper in which Professor “Jitendr Shdev” 10,000 men and women from Asia to Australia asked what makes people interesting, 75% of the answers published in the magazine “Glamour” brought it “more confidence courage.”
We all know that high heels lends elegance to your look, but science says they make you more exciting too.

According to a study in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” published in the “Time”, high heels raise the proportion of women attractive. In several tests conducted by “Nicholas Kooijan” section of social behavior at the University of “Brocan,” French women wear the same black skirt with smooth white skirt.

The only difference in their clothing was shoes. The study found that men were more attracted and welcomed the intention to help the women who wore high heels are not flat.

You striking when you know that the other admire you:

Do you ever think that you tell the person who is admired him the truth about what you feel?

It may be one of the most difficult things to implement, but that person did not know that you are interested in it, how will you stay together?

If, now it may be a good time to gather some courage. So when you know the person really like it will become more attractive in your opinion, and perhaps vice versa.

Sharing secrets is “sexy”:

The first romantic encounters be stressful for the nerves and usually strange for both parties. However, there is a way to make it a nicer experience and spark conversation through them.

According to “Sam Goslenk,” Starter “Snoop”, the emotional and the exchange of personal information during the first meeting, talks create strong feelings of interdependence between the two persons.

Therefore, share some of your secrets next time, it is useful to you.

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