Learn How To Care Furniture

How to care furniture, Some complain about the exposure of pieces of furniture in the house of damage in a short time after buying them even if they are of the finest quality, and as a result a set of malpractice in the cleaning, transportation and other operations.
The site offers Shim Klein set of secrets that help keep the pieces of furniture as long as possible without being damaged:

How To Care Furniture
How To Care Furniture

1- Keep furniture away from the sun:

The removal of pieces of furniture and a private wooden tables from direct sunlight, high The heat emanating from them can cause the destruction of wood and paint experts advise, and speed up the entire process of the destruction of furniture.
So it should preferably be cut wooden furniture far from the sun’s rays do not put down the windows carried out through these rays.

2- Protect the furniture from the heat and air-conditioning:

Cut the good furniture is usually made of wood that is dried to be the humidity in which between 10 and 15% and to maintain this level, you should humidity range in the house between 55 and 65% and when the humidity goes down with the use of heating, is pulled moisture from furniture making cause shrinking and cracking of the wood, so it is advisable that the heating is amortized twice a day at least, or the use of special devices to adjust the humidity in the house.

3- Wood heaters:

In cold areas use wood heaters in abundance, and this damage is much greater than other means of heating stoves, and as we mentioned earlier are advised to use special devices to modify the moisture available in the market to keep the furniture from damage.

4- Dispense furniture polishes:

Although the polishes furniture give you a look bright and attractive pieces of furniture, but they fall short in life, they contain harmful chemicals accelerate the wood damage and even fabrics that cover sofas, etc., and instead advised to use piece of cloth wet with water to clean the various types of furnishings.

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