How To Charge SmartPhone Quickly

How To Charge SmartPhone Quickly, Facing modern smart phone owners, the problem of battery time her phone for a long time, which requires them shipped more than once during the day, especially in cases of use for long periods, as well as the duration of the phone while charging.
And spotted a “lower half” four simple steps to charge your phone in a few minutes.

How To Charge SmartPhone Quickly
How To Charge SmartPhone Quickly

The phone is set to “flight mode”

This situation helps significantly to charge the phone more quickly, where he works to prevent power consumption by disabling wireless connections.

Use the original phone charger

The original  battery charger works faster compared, where the battery in this case balanced with the amount of interference to energy, as well as the use of counterfeit chargers make the energy it receives the battery is very weak, which makes the charging process goes on so much.

Remove the back cover of the phone

While charging smart phone, its temperature rises what causes the slow shipping process, it is desirable to remove the outer cover until the air is leaking to it especially in the summer.

 Avoid using your phone while it is charging

By doing that, the energy consumption that is shipped, and contributes to the high battery temperature, slow shipped.

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