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Learn How To Clean Silver Jewelry At Home

How to clean silver jewelry at home, Silver distinguished from other metals as brittle and fragile and more likely to change their color and spots or black look, so we offer you the best ways clean and polished silver, whether jewelry or household tools.

Learn How To Clean Silver Jewelry At Home
Learn How To Clean Silver Jewelry At Home

Silver Cleaning
1. cleaning after use from time to time. Silver pieces that are used rarely suffer from spots and distortions. When there are no spots or posed at the beginning, wash the silver jewelry in warm water (not hot) with mild detergent use phosphate-free.
2. Washing separate. The silver pieces washed separately from other dishes a great idea because of the potential risk of exposure to silver by scratches and other metal pieces and the stainless steel can be damaging to the silver machining whether the friction between them.
3. Avoid the use of rubber gloves when washing silver, because the damage the rubber silver jewelry.
Polishing cloth
1. Use a soft cloth to gently rub the silver and cleaned. Then, drained immediately using a soft towel.
2. polishing silver piece using a piece of cotton cloth.
Messaging cleaning
1. immediate or rapid cleaning is important and necessary, especially when exposed silver jewelry for some of the foods that contain sulfur, or those acidic or salty. For example, foods include table salt, eggs, some fruits, onions, mayonnaise and vinegar. Whatever the type of food, wash your silver jewelry on the spot or at least a good rinse with warm water, taking care not to leave the silver in dishes that contain traces of these foods.
Polishing the solution
1. polishing silver jewelry. When deformation develops silver pieces, simple washing of hands silver may not be sufficient to the purpose. Solutions for machining polishing silver is the safest option for polishing silver jewelry making process, especially if you’re dealing with old pieces or those that have intricate designs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
2. poured a little polishing solution
3. moisten a soft cloth with a solution of silver polishing or using a sponge. Gently rub the silver piece. Silver rub it straight back and forth (and not in a circular motion). Avoid itchiness, in return Let the solution is doing its job.
4. Rinse with water tap.
5. Rinse the silver jewelry under running water.
6. drying. Dry the silver using a soft cloth and clean.

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