How To Dress When Overweight (with pictures)

How to dress when overweight, we’ll Provide you 10 tips to choosing the most appropriate clothing for your overweight body.

1. careful to choose trousers cloth of good quality and choose thin-shirt or cloth shows this has cellulite and flaws in the mast usually women, recommended to choose thick cloth trousers and Lycra Body Firming well.

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2. Stay away from light colors and pastel colors and choose dark colors, cause your body does not allow you to choose light colors that appear disadvantages.

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3. Be careful not to measure choose a tight trousers as this excess weight may appear in the abdominal area, waist and also not very wide, it may makes you look fatter.

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4. Forget the idea of the short T-shirts, T-shirts, although this is never worthy of Balbntal, but they may look good on the female body lean but not overweight, choose long shirts and baggy also Avoid tight T-shirts.

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5- If the neck of the broad type can be modified or filled appearance by wearing long contract or a group of long chains.

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6- If the tight shoulders the best clothes that are added her broad shoulders in a blouse or jacket bearing in mind that be tight at the waist and a widening in the upper part and avoid narrow pieces at the shoulders.

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7- If obesity in the chest area always take into account the lack of demand for clothing very much open at the chest in addition to the choice of narrow and wide-sleeved clothes when buttocks to suggest in concert and beware of the narrow pieces above the dotted chest even if it is a fashion lines.

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8- In the chest slim case preferably wear wide-sleeved clothes with a choice of bright and playful colors and horizontal lines to suggest to widen.

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9- If your waist completely Stay away from big fashion belt on the center and the best robe for this drawback obviously long jacket to hide obesity, and in the case of the short waist cruise prefers clothing that does not define the waist and be away from short-tight jacket.

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10- If your stomach taking large size the wide long blouse will help to hide this obvious drawback.

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