How To Feel Full When Dieting

how to feel full when dieting, A feeling of fullness after eating meals is the most important reasons for your success in the application of any diet, and today we will give a new idea to make you feel satiety using bananas, affixed daily meals during the components of the diet.


Benefits of “banana” when added dietary, including:
1. Low-calorie meals, where to eat a banana in one medium-sized daily contains about 110 calories, which is only a good alternative to sugars.

2. improve digestion, because bananas contain resistant starch which are found in carbohydrates and helped to lose weight, which is slowly digested starch, which increases the feeling of satiety and reduces food intake.

how to feel full when dieting
how to feel full when dieting

3. regulate blood pressure: Bananas contain a lot of potassium, one of the most important elements in the regulation of blood pressure, the more potassium ratio increased in the body whenever Sodium came out, in addition to that it works natural Diuretic and stimulates the kidneys to get rid of the excess sodium found in the body.

4. banana essential to the health of the intestine:
one banana contains the type of fiber that helps the intestine to improve their performance and to restore function and lower incidence of constipation is fully good choice instead of chemical laxatives, which may have implications for both sides.

5. “banana” is useful for pregnant women: Contains soothing properties can be for pregnant women to eat when you feel sick or nausea, which all take place in the first periods of pregnancy, as it will help pregnant women on the stability of glucose in the blood and regulate body temperature.

6. increases the brain power: eating bananas 3 times daily in the breakfast, snacks and lunch will enhance the existing potassium mental capacity. As for the students it is very useful where the power increase their focus during classroom.

H helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers can be used bananas to treat stomach and prevention of ulcer also, it helps to reduce the acidity that leaves food in the stomach by acid digestion equation, and dramatically reduces exposure to diseases of the digestive system, and helps to strengthen the inner wall of the stomach.

8. iron-rich bananas: Bananas contain a large amount of iron, which enhances the body’s ability to produce red blood cells responsible for oxygen transport also enhances the ability of white blood cells to treat wounds.
9. lifting of morale: bananas contain tryptophan, a substance one material that improves the mood and regulate the proportion of protein in the body, and help you to relax, which makes you happier.

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