How To Have Twins Naturally

How to have twins naturally, Many of the ladies to have the desire in the birth of twins and may face questions about the possibility of it or not, and although it has not been proven scientifically and there are factors that increase of this opportunity, however, that women who became pregnant with twins was associated with them some of the factors and circumstances.
Offer to factors you might follow them you get a twin.

How to have twins naturally
1. The effect of the environment
– It has been proven that there are environmental impacts and habits carried out by a couple of them Andjabhma affect the fumes of factories and car exhaust, smoking and exercise in an exaggerated manner and these things affect fertility between them also.
2. Genetic factors
If one of the grandparents has a twins, it means that your chance of getting this large is due to genetic factors.
3. Flax oil
If you regular in dealing with flax oil, this will strengthen your fertility because it regulates the production of body hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle as it is one of the important sources of omega-3 fatty acids and this leads to maintaining the health and makes your body well suited for pregnancy and childbearing stable environment.
4. Age
Chance of having twins in older women than younger women because the body is accelerating ovulation process because the time of biological play percussion largest and the percentage of mothers who give birth to twins after the age of forty quickly multiple chances of pregnancy to have the largest but this does not negate the absence of health risks This is a woman with a big age is a risk of abortion has a high and exposed more of gestational diabetes as their children are exposed to the risk of chromosomal abnormalities.
5. Eating herbs
Eating too much grass contributes to the increase of multiple pregnancy and these herbs opportunities you activate the ovaries and which:
Angelica roots, Ginseng, licorice roots and the roots of wild yam,  addressed in a cup of boiling water and sweeten with honey and covered for ten minutes and drink it twice a day, put the amount of a teaspoon, and you can buy these herbs from the Department of Perfumery supermarket.
6. Folic acid
Eating large amounts of folic acid increases the rate of multiple pregnancy Women who get enough amount increase the chances of twins born by up to forty percent.
7. Previous pregnancy with twins
If you carried the twins before, this means that you have the opportunity once again a big twins Some studies have confused that mothers of twins previously exposed to the birth of twins again more than ordinary women by four times.

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