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How To Make Natural Sun Cream

How To Make Natural Sun Cream, Dermatologists advised of the need to use sunscreen, to maintain the freshness and beauty of the skin, it also works on the prevention of risk of developing skin cancer, which occurs as a result of direct exposure to the sun without protection.

sun cream
sun cream

Continuous exposure to sunlight, except for the fact that it is the main factor in the development of skin cancer, cause other damage as well, including:

The large number of wrinkles and premature skin aging
The large number of spots on the skin
Excessive production of vitamin D, which increases the risk of the formation of stones in the kidneys
Cataract eye injury

The sun’s rays that cause us health damage exist, usually, in the field of ultraviolet UV

UV radiation is an electromagnetic, the shortest wavelength of visible light field and stored inside the largest amount of energy.

It is important to realize that exposure to sunlight is not necessarily related to the degree heat, as ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds. Any that even if the weather is cloudy, there remains harmful exposure to the sun.

sun on skin
sun on skin

Easy way to make sun cream :

The basic components of the sun cream:

½ cup of almond oil

2 tbsp of shea butter

¼ cup of coconut oil

2 tbsp of zinc oxide “available in pharmacies”

10 drops of Carrot Seed Oil

25 drops of lavender essential oils

10 drops of vanilla essence “by the desire”

How to prepare:

1. Mix all ingredients together except for zinc oxide in a glass jar.

2. Half fill the pot with water to prepare a metal hot water bath.

3. The glass container with a plug inside the hot water bath with good stirring until dissolved Put all ingredients and blend well.

4. Then add the zinc oxide and stir well.

5. Pour the mixture into a bowl sterile and airtight storage is left to cool completely, and kept in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

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