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How To Make Perfume At Home Naturally

How to make perfume at home, If you did not you like to be with a lot of women smell perfume, why not To Make your perfume?
An easy way to get your special perfume is mixing a range of perfumes your existing.

how to make perfume at home
how to make perfume at home

Start consolidated perfume smell, any which overwhelmed by the smell of one. And use the scents you do like, as you choose the smells of the same class (the smell of flowers or citrus or other) so that you can have a beautiful and harmonious aroma.
Mix the scents in the correct sequence and this is very important to get the desired smell. You must smell that best for you to overwhelm the fragrance in the final stage, to make fragrance lasts more mode, moist skin moisturizer with oil, then put the fragrance.
Man does not dispense never about nature in their daily lives, despite all the developments that occur.

Perfumes and natural special place in women, and must be easily accessible to them. Therefore, the site offers you a “feminine” are some tips for how to make perfume out of your hands, long lasting.
A variety of ways to make home fragrance
First, if you want to enhance the smell of perfume, soap Use of cherry extract, Jill shower cream and body.

Put the drops of fragrance on your body, intensive mask deeply fragrant nice center.
Second, add the cinnamon oil to several types of essential oils, which you prefer with a little sterile alcohol.

Put the mixture in a bottle and leave for two weeks, then Mix the fragrance bottle and use whenever you feel need to revive the smell.
Thirdly, mix oil with freesia flower peony flower oil, orange flower and oils that of musk or amber.

Do not forget to use sterile alcohol analyzing the fragrance, Use this mixture to be a distinctive fragrance for you.
Fourthly, Soak green tea in a pot of hot water, and leave from 20 to 30 minutes, then my tea water in a clean bottle, then put over them a little tea scent oil center, with sterile alcohol., close the bottle and put them in a dark place for two days or a week, a concentrated fragrance in the bottle, and the greater the duration fragrance has become more focused.
Finally, urban 8 tablespoons of chopped fresh lemon leaves into small pieces, with 4 tablespoons of grated lemon peel , half a teaspoon of paprika seasoning 0.300 ml of sterile alcohol and 500 ml of water. Mix these ingredients with each other, and put them in a dark bottle. Leave for 10 days, after which the liquid and then mix it with a little water. Then put them in a bottle of the fragrance is ready for use, taking into account the Shake before use.

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