Learn How To Tell Before Bed Story

How To Tell Before Bed Story, a British study concluded that the ideal length for before sleeping story told by parents for their children should be between 8 and 9 minutes, reported the newspaper “The Telegraph” on its website that the study emphasized the importance of the end of the story happy, because these stories capable of influencing the child and make him sleep more quickly.

How To Tell Before Bed Story
How To Tell Before Bed Story

Here the most prominent 8 tips should be followed by a narrator tell the story during bedtime:

1- In the first 30 seconds, you have some votes expressive version in order to draw the attention of the child and the acquisition of focus, for example, if the story deals with a cat, should be similar to the sound of her version.

How To Tell Before Bed Story
How To Tell Before Bed Story

2- Ask your child to participate in the expected scenario of the story and events, because this review will help the child to understand them properly and integrate with it.
3- At the start of the story narrative, the cradle saying, “Since a very long time, before they generate a hundred years,” Say this opening sentence quietly and slow voice naturally.
4- With storytelling, try to use as much as you can to describe the voices of the characters, the more interacted with the story, it was more fun for you and your child.
5- You read every part of the story, according to events, for example, read aloud at the acceleration of events, or in a low voice when slowing.
6- The use of different facial expressions, for example, open eyes to their best when there is a surprise in the story.
7- When you reach the last part of the story, you slow down in the pace of reading and decrease the volume, because this will teach the child near the end of the story.
8- At the end of the story, ask the child what is the most exciting part, and answer questions from, because the presence of questions has to surrender to prevent him from sleeping.

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