Important Tips for a healthy baby

Pregnancy is the most importance period to all members of the family and not just confined to the mother but for the mother, it affects the psychological health and physical until after birth, and this negative impact force may continue for a long time and that the fetus is affected by this, too.

pregnancy acidity home remedies

In order to overcome these things we give you these instructions so that you keep on your pregnancy and your health and the health of your baby.

1. Don’t take any kind of medicines and chemical preparations without consulting a doctor because it may cause the exposed fetus for abnormalities.

2. Make sure to eat fresh vegetables and fruits because they contain beneficial fiber body can be absorbed easily avoiding the hassle that prevent you the constipated and also contain important group of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body needs it in pregnancy.


3. Stay away from bathing in hot water or cold and is best to use lukewarm water and showers must not be lengthened for not more than fifteen minutes and then wipe dry your body directly and Do not leave the water for it.

4. Avoid wearing the same pressure ring rubber socks because they prevent blood from flowing in the feet and cause injury varicose veins.

5. Take care of your mouth and your teeth well and clean the longer you eat a meal in the morning and evening, and if I had to take off a teeth or seek advice from a doctor before you arrive, especially after the fourth month of pregnancy.

6. If emergency happened to you, So contact with a specialist doctor, prevention is better than cure.

7. After you wake up from sleep, Don’t do from your bed once because this causes a drop in blood pressure even if it is simple, it will make you feel dizzy making your balance breaks down and may fail on the ground.

8. Drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach every day, this will reduce the intake of chemical laxatives.

drink water
drink water

9. Take care of your diet and Make food snack and convergent, You may take six meals instead of three meals so as not to make yourself feel hungry and meals must contain copious amounts of fluids and not contain fat and warm spices.

10. Do a light Exercise such as walking and swimming because they are activating your circulation helping to pump oxygen to the fetus and make you overcome the pain of childbirth and regulate your breathing.

11. Don’t stand up for a long time, left any heavy loads or push heavy things, because this will lead to the injury of your legs heaviness.

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