Is Alzheimer’s Contagious (NEW STUDY)

Is Alzheimer’s contagious, British researcher reported that Alzheimer’s disease can be transmitted through blood transfusions and other surgeries and dental treatment operations.

Is Alzheimer's Contagious
Is Alzheimer’s Contagious

The newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the British study is likely to raise a storm of controversy provided the first evidence of the devastating situation that could spread across the “medical accidents” as a disease of mad cow.
The British researcher John Collinge “We need to rethink our point of view about the assessment of the risks of Alzheimer’s and moved inadvertently to patients.”
He warned Cooling, which is one of the pioneers of heart surgery in the United Kingdom we do not know whether the techniques used in the effective sterilization of medical instruments and said have to take “this research very seriously.”

Daily Mail

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