Is Diet Useless To Lose Weight

Is diet useless to lose weight? or does it impact on health? Questions came from the German Authority for Consumer Protection to offer a range of simple and effective tips for anyone who wants to relieve the weight and maintain the gains of the diet without discomfort.

Is Diet Useless To Lose Weight
Is Diet Useless To Lose Weight

German Consumer advised on all those who seek to lose weight eating smaller quantities of food rather than a quick diet harsh  body protection systems, to avoid what is known as the “yo-yo effect”, which is to swing between obesity and weight loss many times.

Most Popular Diet Failure Reasons

Before the popularity of eating another measure of food, should be on the people who follow a wait-diet systems and stop briefly, as they are this way are born feeling they have as much as they need food for the sense of satiety, to avoid eating more food beyond limit satiety.

According to the consumer protection in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany, It emphasizes the need for the Commission’s advice to regular meals, and the need to eat three main meals a day and snacks between a maximum of three meals.
It is easier to maintain the weight that has been reached after following the diet, so that eating regular meals inhibits the sense of hunger.

The Commission says that the reduction of sugar quantities that are addressed benefit of people who follow the diet systems, and advised to avoid sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages. And it advised to eat fruit when feeling the need to eat sweets, including preserved fruit added a little sugar. Also remember the body of people who follow the diet systems need to exercise to keep the weight of what they have lost.

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