Learn Ho To Choose Your Baby’s Shoes

Learn Ho To Choose Your Baby’s Shoes, Foot deformities, which are accompanied by pain in some cases, due mainly to choose the wrong shoe during childhood. There is therefore factors to consider when choosing child’s shoe to protect him from the consequences might need surgical intervention in the future.

Learn Ho To Choose Your Baby's Shoes
Learn Ho To Choose Your Baby’s Shoes

Causing choose the wrong shoes for the child in blocking the growth of the foot. Also cause deformities and pain in the foot appear with age. Despite the breadth of choice with regard to shoes, but studies indicate the presence of a large proportion of children wearing shoes is appropriate for them.

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In Germany, for example, doctors say that 98 per cent of children were born healthy feet, but more than 60 per cent of them suffer from problems later in the feet due to wrong or do not choose the right shoe habits. Some believe that buying a size larger shoe gives a good opportunity for the growth of the child’s foot, which is the same damage to the narrow choice of shoe, according to a report published by the newspaper “Ziczish Zeitung” German.

A study of a primary school pupils in the Austrian capital Vienna showed that about 70 per cent of children wearing shoes is suitable for them. Experts changes in the form of big toe of the foot and monitored the 75 per cent of children, which means that the distortions caused by the wrong choice of the shoe begins during childhood and increase the intensity with time.

A difficult task but crucial

The difficulty of choosing the right shoe of the child in not rely on the child’s shoe size when in the opinion of his experience, as the child usually tends to narrow shoe does not express resentment of it, preferring more color or shape of the shoe attention and satisfaction is not inside it. Experts mother and father not to rely on the child’s opinion when buying the shoe and the experience of walking shoes as long as possible and follow up the way it moves into the shoe is advised. It is important to take into account the presence of a suitable place for the biggest piggy foot inside the shoe. Care must be taken as to the existence of 12 to 17 millimeters to allow freedom of movement of the foot inside the shoe, according to the newspaper “Die Welt” German.

It is the consequences of choosing the wrong shoe proliferation of a type of foot deformities, a bony prominence in the larger toe medically known as the “hallux valgus.” The problem spread by more than 30 per cent between men and women over the age of sixty-fifth session, according to the report, “Die Welt”. This problem is damage to distort the shape of the foot is not only limited, but it may be painful, especially in women.

This problem arises over the years-old, adoption of teenage girls and young adulthood during the high-heeled shoes increase the weight load on the middle part of the foot. In the case arrived to the point of pain can not be tolerated, surgical intervention can solve the problem, but surgery is not easy in most cases, especially since the blood pumping in the feet usually be weak and thus needs the surgery to place a long time to recover. And it requires the patient after surgery for a period ranging between four to six weeks before being able to wear normal shoes again. The high heels becomes a taboo for women after surgical intervention.

At the same time, various studies have shown that people who rely on walk without shoes rarely appear to have a problem “hallux valgus” or various foot deformities.

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