9 Tips Losing Weight While Sitting

Losing weight while sitting at your desk, Sitting for long hours without doing any little movement causes you a lot of health problems may also be the main reason behind excess weight, what is the solution if you are lazy and you like exercise?

Losing weight while sitting at your desk
Whether you’re in the office you work on the computer at home or watching television for long hours, follow a few easy steps safe you from weight gain and in turn will help you burn fat without the need to exert great effort.

9 Tips Losing Weight While Sitting

1- Choose your food carefully:
You do not you expend many calories while seated, so you do not need to be eating a snack that will make you feel satiety such as vegetables fruit, water, milk, non-fat, make sure to prepare healthy meals in the morning so that you eat when you feel hungry, instead of resorting to chips and chocolate chips and high-fat food.
2. Make water your best friend:
Replace soda, coffee and other beverages with sugar-rich and a bottle of water, keep water in front of you on the desk or on the table at home, are calorie-free as it is the most important element of beauty.
3. Move the lower part of your body:
your legs kinetic and tighten the muscles of the thighs from time to time, as a result of these simple movements will appear to the public, with the passage of time.
4. Rest from time to time:
Try to leave your place for 5 minutes each hour, and Look around at the office or at home to recharge your batteries, this step will help you burn calories even if they are few.
5. Chewing gum:
Choose sugar-free gum and busy yourself with it until it is lunch time, you’ll safe yourself from eating meals at random and thus defied calories.
6. Cold helps you lose weight:
Whether you are in the office or at home, you choose the room temperature to be relatively cool, as your body will burn fat as a source of energy trying to get him to maintain warmth.
7. Laugh as much as you can:
You may be tired or tense, but laughter contributes to raise the heart rate and thus stimulates metabolism means you burn more calories and you enjoy your time at the same time.
8. Sit on balloon:
If you relaxing at home, sit on the couch instead of the balloon as you’ll do greater effort to maintain your balance, and therefore calories will be burned more.

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