Love Hormone & Weight Loss

Love hormone and weight loss, The results of the US study, newly done by the Massachusetts Hospital, showed that hormone love  “Oxytocin” may be a new way to treat overweight and getting rid of excess calories, as it works to regulate the level of blood sugar, the study included 25 men, half of them are overweight, The other was an ideal weight, and before breakfast, one hour, some of them real drops taken from this artificial hormone through the spray in the nose, and took the other fake drops.

Love Hormone & Weight Loss
The results showed that people who took the real drops of the hormone the “Oxytocin,” ate 122 BTUs and 9 grams of fat less than the people who took the drops fake, the researchers pointed out that to continue over the 12 weeks leading to weight loss significantly.

The researchers stressed that the hormone “oxytocin” appears during social interactions and a sense of love, when any human being with a person who feels him with love and attention, it tends to come back feeling hungry and a lot of eating.
Dr. Adam Perkinsv explained , an he is an expert on neuroscience at King’s University in London, that the hormone works to control eating and metabolism of energy within the body process, without causing side effects, as well as the results revealed new properties of anti-obesity, enjoyed by the hormone, which opens the door to the manufacture of safe and effective drugs against the disease age; “obesity”.

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